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Mug Porcelain Barbados

Designer: Lavida

$4.00 $8.95

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To facilitate effortless and convenient handling, Mug Porcelain Barbados features a half-heart shaped handle. Paying homage to the tropical paradise, this mug has an intricate pattern that is impossible to resist. It transforms the dining experience to a whole new level while adding impressive depth to other breakfast ware. Homeowners who adore luxurious items can opt for this.
When choosing a mug that can accommodate both hot and cold liquid, one must put some characteristics into consideration, especially the material the mug is made out of. Exclusively made from porcelain, Mug Porcelain Barbados thick wall serves as an insulator that keeps hot or semi-hot beverages hotter for longer. The mug's wide brim brings out full tea flavours. Porcelain is an enduring and durable material that is impermeable letting no chemical elements leach into one's beverages. Did you know that glazed porcelain is naturally non-stick with zero porosity? This implication of this is that the material will neither absorb nor impact

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